>Plot bunny!

I just got an idea about the story. I know that I’ve been wanting to work on an apocalyptic story, but lately, those sorts of tales are so overdone… so I’ve decided that the MC and her evil guy will start out looking for the artifact that will save the world, but find out in fact that it has nothing to do with any such thing, and that in fact it is for the advancement of the clergy officials in the church. So she enlists the reluctant aid of the evil guy, by promising something cool, to thwart the clergy’s plans.

And I have a title:

Double Edged Sword. Will describe both the obvious, the evil guy, and the less obvious, the not-so-good guys. All entries related to the book will be labeled “des” for easy search later. 🙂


One response to “>OHOHOHOH!

  1. >sounds very good, adds the potential for political intrigues in the clerical hierarchy. Perhaps there are different factions vying for the artifact and everything. Either way it sounds great and the title is spiffy too.

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