>Day 31: Finis.

I did it. I don’t know HOW I did it, but I did.

After a catastrophic weekend that sucked my motivation and drive completely out of me, I gave up. I quit, planning on not finishing.
Monday, however – something started happening. The story started to bug me, the characters started to pull on my coatsleeve, asking me what the heck I was doing. Then people on twitter started poking me, wanting to know why.
And I got emails. And forum posts and… wow. I didn’t know so many people cared!
So I started writing.
Now, it was 5:00 PM my time, and I still had 10k to write. Then I got a challenge from the NaNoLanta ML, MattKinsi. If I won, he’d donate $10. Then more people started doing it.
Next thing I knew, I stood to raise something like $60 for OLL if I won.
I can’t fail, with that kind of motivation.
So I wrote, and a wrote, and I WROTE. Dear lord, so much writing.
And something miraculous happen. After a solid day of writing, I managed to pull of 15k and win. With four minutes to spare.
How ’bout them apples.
So I dedicate this win to all of you who promised to donate if I won (and did!) If you check out the “Brought to you” page, do a search for “licking.” That’s the one MattKinsi did for me. πŸ˜‰ And no, I won’t stop licking him. It helped me win.
Funny thing is? I’m only halfway through my story. So I’m nowhere near done. At least now I can get a free proof copy of it printed when I’m done. πŸ™‚

>The final run! 35k in 7 days

>So I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’m behind. WAY behind. I’ve hit a wall of depression (unrelated to NaNo) and lack of motivation, but today is the day that I’m going to break through it and write anyway.

So who’s with me? Who is going to race to the finish?
Will you beat me there? ARe you behind? So behind you don’t think you can recover?
You can. I’ve done 50k in 10 days. Sure, couldn’t use a keyboard for a month. But I DID it. And I’m going to do this.
Even if I have to start a war to do it.
Let the games begin.

>Day 10: Music and a Video (and not dead yet)

>I haven’t fallen off the planet yet, I promise. I’ve been behind, as I’m sure you’ve noticed by my word count, but I’m working on it. Tonight, I’ve been listening to music. Articology, mostly. Then someone from the ML chat room (Thanks, Aquadeo) linked me to this beautiful video. I wanted to share it with you, because I found it soothing and inspiring at the same time.

I’ve skipped ahead a bit in my novel, since the part I was in was dragging, and it’s moving smoothly again. In spite of myself, I think there’s a romance blooming between Senator Eric Nathan Mason (yes, that’s his full name, and I don’t know why I know that, only that I do. I usually don’t bother with middle names). I didn’t want there to be a romance – while the merfolk society is bisexual, I didn’t want that to be even of peripheral importance. I sense a possible love triangle here. ITt seems that the relationships will be more important than I meant them to be.
I’m pleased, though, it means the characters are coming alive, moreso than they have been previously. The week two slump may yet be defeated before the week is over. πŸ™‚

>Day 7: Even more behind, but a NEW COMPUTER

>Well, I didn’t catch up today like I’d planned. But I have a good excuse; I know own a new computer. NOt only a new computer, but a whole new operating system!

That’s right, I’ve purchased a new iMac. And it is wonderful on a scale I can’t quite describe. It’s taking a lot of getting used to, though, so it’s delayed my writing. I’ve installed scrivener, although I plan to run a virtual machine so I can continue with liquid story binder, scrivener’s giving a free trial, so I’ll see which I like better.
I’ve done so much running around today between setting up the new computer, church, and doing laundry that I’ve run out of hours in the day. But now I’m feeling motivated, so I want to write, write, write!
Only problem is, I’m not sure where to go. I’ve got my girls in a hotel room, where Elisande will get a little more acclimated with the human world, but after that? Just how DO you go from the Atlantic to the Capitol Building?
I’m inclined to have her fortuitously discover a congressman in the park. But that would be a bit too easy. I dunno. I need to do something.

>Day 6: Soooo behind

>So I’m behind. Part of it is a boring bit in the story, but mostly… life has interfered like whoah. Between the site issues and struggling to get caught up on moderation duties on the site, my part time job, being sick, the kids, and just plain being distracted.

But no excuses.
I’m still ahead of Chris, at least:

My goal for this weekend, though, is to be caught up on my word count. I’ll be joining Chris, and many others, in this race. I’ll need 11,669 words to be caught up. That’s a one-day deficit of 4,933.
I can do that!
I think I can do it if I manage my time better. I’m bad about checking the forums AFTER I’m caught up on immediate tasks, and getting distracted by things that Must Be Done (translation, they can wait.) I’m going to set aside some designated writing times. I’ve gotten my favorite playlist re-created (I lost it when I switched from my Colby MP3 player to my iPod) and I think I’m ready to go. I can do this… Want to join me? Let’s go for a 5k Sunday!

>Day 3: Making progress

>It’s slow, and slowed by the fact that I’m having to work on the site more hours than normal because of load times, but it’s moving along. I’ve spent the morning working on site-related things, and running @NaNoWordSprints.

Unfortunately, though, I’m feeling terribly unmotivated to write. I’m going to catch up tomorrow, I think. I got a few hundred words, but I’m not feeling this scene. I might skip ahead to the Dramatic Stuff.