>So what to work on now


Now that I have (gratefully) taken my post-NaNo break, I’m ready to start writing again; however, this is the first time in many a year I desire to write with a purpose. You see, I posted a list the Year of Doing Big, Fun, Scary things forum, and on this list involves two primary goals:

Completing my 2009 novel, and completing my 2008 novel. I’d like to complete the 2008 novel for CreateSpace’s free proof offer for NaNo winners. I’ve missed this offer (or the similar one from Lulu) every year, and dangit, I want this book in my hands, even if not published yet, for sheer vanity’s sake.

Now, I’m struggling with the desire to finish my2007 novel, Heaven’s Bounty. It’s such a GOOD story, and now I’ve finally figured out where I want to go with it, after letting it sit for a year or two.

This is why I’m not a published author yet. It has nothing to do with the quality of my work; I’m convinced that my prose is as good or better than anything you’ll see in Barnes and Noble. It’s the fact that I don’t finish novels, and therefore am unable to submit them for consideration.

So that’s my goal for the coming year: to complete a minimum of one manuscript, and polish it well enough for submission to agents.

Not a publisher, mind you; Like Editorial Ass, I believe firmly in the power of agents to help authors in more ways than just finding a good editor.

But to do this, I have to not only finish a novel, but polish it well enough to put through my critique group, and then polish is MORE into perfection.

But now my dilemma is I have multiple novels that I want to work on. I’m going to finish them all, but in what order?

What I have:

1) My first love, my original. The Story that Had to be Written. I’m currently working on handwriting the second draft, which I’ll then transcribe into the computer. This is the one I’d like to have for the CreateSpace offer.

2) The sequel to the previous one; I know, I know. In all fairness, I HAVE finished the first one, when I was 15 or 16… I know how the first one ends.

3) This year’s. This one is the one about the widow who ends up as a Queen, and then has to take her husband’s assassinated soul, memory, and skills and avenge his death and take back his kingdom. It’s FUN, but it’s lying fallow again, victim of 50k disease. Mortos Rex.

4) 2007’s novel, Heaven’s Bounty. It’s a sci-fi piece about a winged bounty hunter who is captured, wing-clipped, and raped (dark stuff) and set free by her friends, then seeks to find the source of her deceased captor’s freakish shapeshifting powers, powers her love also seems to possess. This one is so much fun, and the voices for all those characters have started up in my head.

5) Of course, Double Edged Sword, though a good chunk of it has gone missing. That’s a hard one to write though, and when I get back to it, it’s going to be like pulling teeth. Good story, just delicate work.

I dunno. I’m going to work on them all… but which first? My bones tell me I need to finish this year’s novel FIRST. It’s what’s most recent in my mind, and dammit, it would be nice to finish a NaNo novel the same year I started it.

But Heaven is calling…


>Feeling like writing

>Yesterday I did some editing on DES, so I’m going to continue the trend today… maybe even work a little more on the story itself. I seem to have misplaced a large portion of the novel (it’s probably on my other laptop, the untrustworthy dinosaur) so I may continue it without reading beyond what I have so far.

I’m really liking Liquid Story Binder, and I’m about to go hunting for some pictures of my characters. Maybe Whelan, or my friend Lindsay’s stock photo gallery. I’ll have to poke around.

>Another roadblock on the road to authorship

>And it’s called Final Fantasy XII. Ouch. I promise, I’ll get back to writing soon! Heck, I have to finish my NaNo, because the deadline on the Lulu free copy thing is in January sometime. I haven’t given up on my blog, dear readers, and now that the Christmas madness is done, and my repetitive stress injury has healed, I’m planning on getting back on track January 1. Maybe 2, depending on the hangover.

My New Year’s resolution: to complete a novel and get it submitted. I’m not sure which one it will be; I think that Double Edged Sword may need a lot more work before it’s ready for the polishing stage (a LOT more work) while the previous project I worked on is starting to tickle me. It is completed, but needs some serious reworking. The majority of it was written in NaNo 2002, and later finished. It’s a story that I’ve liked for a while, and may be a little cliche in places (has the dreaded Obvious Romance that I hate so much), but the characters are very vivid, and it’s a little less difficult a deal than DES is. It also has a shitty working title, Shadowhawk’s Fire, which will be changed.

The more I think about it, the more I think I want to work with that. I just need to dig up the old disks. They do say that you should set a work aside for a while before editing it. Is four years enough? I need to label all of these posts before

Take that, Sean. πŸ˜‰

>A short hiatus

>I’ve been laboring under a short hiatus, but I don’t want you guys to think I’ve abandoned my blog now that I’ve finished NaNo officially! Actually, I have about two weeks left in my school quarter, and I’m badly behind in one of my classes, so I’m going to work very hard on getting caught up there, and once I do, I return to writing in earnest. I have been writing here or there, and thinking about my plot, so my novel hasn’t fallen by the wayside.

I’m thinking my original group dynamic (the priest and the convict alone) just plain isn’t working. There’s just not enough to go on about between the two of them throughout. I think it would work a lot better with a third character there from the start, perhaps another male, sent by the church to guard the priest. He would be the voice of reason, and give an extra layer to the Caedas’s task of corruption, and make it all the more poignant when the priest falls. HEck, I could even make him madly in love with Salissa, and her naturally ignore him or not notice. That way, it gives my future ficcers some “ships” to work with, and a little more conflict to drive the story along!

I don’t know. I’ll finish the novel as-is and work on those changes in the re-write.

I will be joining a critique group in March (we’re giving ourselves a few months to polish our novels) that is run by one of my wrimos, and which I am blissfully NOT in charge of.

I am also thinking of doing another NaNo perhaps in January or February. We’ll see.

>Bogged down in real life

>I’ve managed to get a couple thousand over the 50k mark, but I’ve noticed another barrier. Like the week two barrier, the 50k barrier is hard to push past. You’ve done it, you’re at 50k, and your brain keeps asking, “Why the hell are you still going, exactly?”

Add that to the insanity of getting my house ready for my daughter’s first birthday party yesterday, and it hasn’t been a good week for writing.

I have some classwork that I neglected over the last week or so in my mad rush to hit 50k, so I’m going to catch up on that (having a completed manuscript is worthless if I fail my classes!) and then spend the next week writing again. Have no fear, my faithful readers (I think I’m up to four now!) I shall continue slogging on. I’m just taking a break to let my wrist heal, and my brain recover from the brain dump.

>Not with a bang, but a whimper

>Okay, not really. How about a hoot, a holler, and a yell?

The book itself isn’t done (not by a longshot) but I’m officially at 50k… which means I can slow my butt DOWN and take it easy. πŸ™‚

That beats my current record by two days.

I still like my old story better, but I’m still happy with this one.

>Home stretch

>Just a little under 4k to go. I had a great writing session yesterday, although I forgot to enter my count before midnight, so it’s all going under today’s. Ah well, it’ll look really good. πŸ™‚

I just did a quick test run on my word count, here’s the current numbers:

RoughDraft: 46416 (.rtf)
Word: 46438 (.doc)
NaNoWriMo Robots: 46420 (.txt)

I do most of my writing on my laptop in Roughdraft using separate files for each chapter, then open it up in Word to combine into one document under the .doc format. Then, I saved as text to upload using the test verifier at NaNoWriMo. I think they changed the word counters since last year, since it used to give a higher count than Word does.

At any rate, I don’t have far to go. According to the official count, I need 3580.

I think I can do that today. πŸ™‚

Storywise, I’m only about halfway through, so we’ve still got a LONG way to go there. I’ll probabyl be writing all month, even though I’ll probably hit the 50k mark tonight. I probably would have finished sooner, but I decided to give my poor wrists a break, and only wrote a couple thousand the last couple of days.

And unless misoccurs can whip out 20k in the next few hours… I’m gonna beat her socks off. πŸ™‚