>New twist on an old story

>I have a story I’ve been telling for a very long time. In its first incarnation, it was actually a Vampire Hunter D fanfic, although I didn’t know what fanfic was at the time. Complete with a pretty blatant mary sue self insert in the classic sense. 🙂

Over the years, it’s evolved into its own tale, a high fantasy about a shapeshifter and a Hunter from the Hunter’s Guild. Set in my own, original world, Bethra. I’ve got maps and such. Problem is, the story itself has stalled… I know what happens in the major confrontation… but after? No clue.
Last night, I was lying in bed, half asleep and delirious last night, when a bolt from the blue struck me.
I’m going to pull the characters, the plot, and all out of Bethra (the world) and plop it into Earth. Post-civil war earth, to be exact. Alternate universe Earth, one where there are things of a paranormal nature (shapeshifters, vampires, elves, etc) as a standard part of society; the Hunter’s Guild will be set up to fight rogues of whatever kind, sort of a quasi-governmental bounty hunter’s society.
I don’t know how it will turn out. But I’m suddenly very, very excited about this story. I’d been planning on participating in Script Frenzy as a rebel anyway (scripts aren’t my art form, but I have to be on the forums anyway in my mod capacity) and I think I just figured out what I’m going to do!

>To plan or not to plan… that is the question


Every year I have ever planned for NaNoWriMo in anything other than a vague, general sort of “this is the idea” I’ve failed. If I outline, plan, plot, do dossiers and stuff… I fail.

If I get a few character ideas, a few plot bunnies, the occasional odd plot point… I win. Usually in record time. (Current record is 10 days.  I do not recommend it. I had my wrist in a splint for weeks.)

I sorta want to plan, but I’m currently working on a novel that’s been around forever.  I want to continue with it, I don’t want to lose it. I’m in love with these characters, with this story.

I think I may do something with last year’s steampunk characters… the story fell flat.  They were good characters, but I did not have them in the right story, I’m afraid. Happens from time to time.

I think I may do something new. To keep me in this world, and not too far in the future, I may work on the sequel.  It’s actually written with my MC’s children (Albino twins. I KNOW, I know… they probably won’t stay that way, but in all fairness, I was 17 when I came up with the idea.)

I’ve got a few title ideas: The current one: Spirit of the Hunt. The sequel: Scion of the Hunt or maybe Song of the Hunt.

I promise. No violent rape scenes like in 2007.

>So much going on

>A trip to the ER, a positive pregnancy test, and a vacation later…

I’m here. 🙂

Last night I had a dream. I dreamed of a military group, underground, complete with barracks. A resistance, but with a full army at the ready.

I’m not sure what they’re fighting, or why, or what they’re going to do. I know there is a white woman and a black man, and she is rewarded with a command and him as second in command so they can have private time together thanks to an extreme act of heroism/sacrifice. (Holy runon sentence, batman!)

I realized that this is my childhood tale of the Wildcats, a silly little story of an orphan who discovers a massive underground military society in the woods behind her orphanage. The man she eventually fell in love with was named Leapard (and I deliberately misspelled it, thinking it was cool.)

It was a silly story, but there’s a grain of potential there. I think that with some polished steel, airships, space capability and advanced computers, I could make a decent sci-fi out of it. I’m going to have to work hard to keep it from becoming romnace-ish. The relationship isn’t the point, it’s simply just a part of the story. I also vow to have more than two characters. With a facility as large as the one I dreamed of last night, there HAS to be more.

>What Dreams May Come

>Had a fascinating dream last night that gave me the change in story direction I needed to get Hacker Dragon back on track. I was writing, but it was slow as molasses… and then I came up with the next twist to get it moving again.

I get a lot of material from dreams. I have very brilliant, colorful, vivid dreams. Sometimes very strange ones, at that. I’ve got another tale in the works, a seed of an idea that is germinating as we speak. It came straight out of a very bizarre dream involving a blue dragon, hiding in a mudslide, and a strange post-war environment of refugees. I’ve now got a tale in my head that tells the story of an amnesiac sniper who must discover his identity… all the while he is now working against the people he used to work for.

I don’t know where it’s going, but I do know what the final confrontation will look like.

Dreams are a fertile source of ideas for me. I was trained very early in life to remember my dreams, and I’ve gotten quite good at it. I usually lose a little of the “feel” of a dream, but I do remember most of them. Enough to build my stories on. I also tend to work out nasty plot knots as I lie in bed, trying to fall asleep. Given that it generally takes me at least an hour to fall asleep (sometimes longer), that’s usually a lot of very focused concentration. Which usually leads to more dreams, more ideas, and I literally work out my novel’s problems while I dream.

It’s a good system, and works for me.