A move to my own domain

After some thought, I decided to move my blog to my domain. I’ve had heatherdudley.com for quite some time, but mostly just had it parked, so that no one else could get it. I figured… it’s utterly ridiculous for someone of my web design background to have a parked domain.

I thought about which service I’d like to use, and figured that a wordpress site would be good; it’s often cited as a requirement in job listings these days, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, so I figured what the hey. So here I am; I even imported the last five years of blogging.

So I’ll be working on moving my subscriber list (pitiful though it may be) soon, so if you end up here, you’re not crazy, it’s still me, I’ve just shifted things over.

Now, to find a good temporary theme until I can design my own.


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