>Of sprained ankles and Trick or Treating


Yesterday started great. We went down to Cordele, GA to ride Thomas the Tank Engine (the real one.. full sized passenger train, not just the dippy little thing at Six Flags).

It was an absolute blast, although my husband almost had a seizure and the staff freaked and called the ambulance. It was more embarrassing than anything.

We got home, carved pumpkins, went trick or treating. All went well, until we left the last house, and started walking to the car to go to the next neighborhood. I put Elisabeth on my back, and lo and behold, a pothole grabbed my leg. I went down, candy and Elisabeth went everywhere and I started hollering… fortuitously, I fell down in front of a freakin’ gold cart. They helped me over, and rode me down to my car, and Nathan came to get me and take me to the ER.

Four hours later, I’ve got a really bad sprain, (yes, crutches) I can’t walk, can’t do much but sit around.

Ah well. Necessity is the mother of invention, and it won’t be that long and I’ll be back on my feet. The good news is, this means I’ve got lots of ass time for writing and modding the forums. Naturally, I’ve done neither this morning.

Back to the grind.

Oh, and last night, I did manage to get 200 words in before the painkillers knocked me down.


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