>Oooh, a plot bunny – Want it?


I had this idea on the way to the grocery store a few minutes ago, and it would be so fun… but I just don’t think I can do it justice.

Someone discovers they have the ability to see digital data… as in, if someone sends a text message, they can see the contents, and watch it as it fires off through the air towards the nearest cell phone tower. They can see the broadcasts as they pass a radio tower.

It shouldn’t take you much effort to see the danger of something like this to someone in today’s digital age. The character is effectively blind, or housebound, since digital everything is well… everywhere. They certainly can’t drive, and might very well live out in the middle of no where in an old farmhouse with no electricity just to get relief.

But we know you can’t have a protagonist without conflict. 😉 The digital age comes to them. Or someone wants them – probably the government, for the powerful ability to see and interpret the data. Imagine a spy who can break codes without any equipment, or who can eavesdrop on an official’s cell phone conversations just by standing nearby.

This character would find themselves in the middle of a lot of unwanted attention. Now, where you want to go from there is up to you. Maybe they’re running, trying to find a place to hide. Maybe they’re looking for the ihghest bidder. Maybe they’re loyal to their country, and are willing to do anything to help. Maybe they’re just trying to learn to control their ability, or develop technology that allows them to filter it.


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