>So the sites are down…


I always feel a little bereft with that happens. Like I don’t know what to do or something.

So I’ll talk about this year’s novel!

The title this year is Pride of the Hunt – It’s the second novel of the series, possibly a trilogy. The first is Spirit of the Hunt, and follows the adventures of a shapeshifter nomad and a vampire. Don’t worry, vampirism isn’t a big deal, and dammit, I started this thing over a decade ago, so it wasn’t cliche then. Anyway.

This story follows their children, twins Sara and Larath. Those of you who have roleplayed with me in Pern clubs may recognize his name. I borrowed it from this story. 😉 Originally, they were albinos. In my old age, I am recognizing that this is ridiculously unoriginal, and the reason I did it in the firstplace was because it was cool… now there’s no need for me to do stuff likethat because it’s cool, since I’m so awesome as a writer. I’ll probably cut that. I may have one of them albino, but if I do, it will come with all the attendant health issues. I’m leaning towards not, though.

Anyway, this follows them as they return to their mother’s clan to learn more about their heritage. This will probably involve some kind of magical rite to give them access to the kind of powers she has or something along those lines.

On their way back, however, they encounter problems… one of their parents old enemies, bent on vengeance for the death of his son at their hands. Their father specializes in rogue vampires, you see… those who have started killing for pleasure, or who have otherwise violated the covenant the species has with humanity that allows for a peaceful coexistence.

Beyond that, I don’t want to spoil you, but suffice it to say this will not be an easy struggle, and there will be Deaths.

Also appearing will be L’varen (you may recognize that name, too – same thing. he was my bronzerider at Azov, and transferred him to Cibryen for a time for a plot. Larath was the name of his dragon. Both names come from this story, originally) a shapeshifter of a different clan, whose magic is limited to only single animal forms, as opposed to their mother’s clan, who have access to more. He’ll be Sara’s love interest, but I’m not focusing on their relationship as much as the familial relationships.

I’m actually looking forward to this. Now, I just need to push through and finish the FIRST book so I can work on this one. I do know how it ends, already, but I’d like to have it finished first before starting on the second.


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