>I won

> I did it.

Barely. I was writing right up until 11:50.


One response to “>I won

  1. >Hi! I happened upon your site while accessing MY blog site, which is thewritingdragon.blogspot.com! Our blog names are so similar, I’m surpised it hasn’t happened before. Anyway, I’m much older than you and never a mother, but we do have one thing in common — writing. I chose thewritingdragon as my blog site because I’ve completed two books (The Dragons’ Veil and The Dragons’ Vision) which are e-published (well, the Veil is, the Vision is supposed to be out in a couple of months if they ever finish the editing review!). Mine are fantasy books, and I’m currently writing a fantasy romance. I see that you write science fiction. Cool. I don’t do the Nano write things, but a couple of my critique mates do. I wanted to drop an e-mail, but couldn’t seem to connect to the drgonchld(?) aol site, so thought perhaps if you’re checking your comments you might e-mail me. My thewritingdragon blog is a character blog, written by my Dragon character. My own blog is at sherrigodsey.wordpress.com, but I spend more time on the character blog. Anyway, if you get this please drop me a line at sgodsey55@earthlink.net. I’d love to ‘meet’ you. Sherri Godsey

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