>Day three, much frustration

>As usual, the site is painfully slow. It hasn’t crashed, which is, I suppose an improvement, but honestly, I think I’m more easily annoyed by it these days.

My novel is coming out like pulling teeth. Not having a real plot does have its disadvantages. I’m spending so much time being annoyed at the site that I can’t really focus on my novel. Unlike most folks, I don’t have the option of not going to them. 🙂 Stupid paycheck, demanding I work for it!

Another part of it is that I’ve been doing this since 2002… I completed it in 10 days, one year. It’s not like I have anything to prove! If it weren’t for being staff, I’d really only be there for the people. That’s what makes it worthwhile.

I think I’ll get back in the groove soon. The story is starting to gel. I’m taking my time. Write-ins will probably help. I wasn’t able to go to Saturday’s because the baby had a stomach bug.


One response to “>Day three, much frustration

  1. >I enjoyed your NaNoWriMo synopsis, and would love to read more. I belong to a writing community, it’s a nice little website and they have a been looking for writers to join up. I have been placing my NaNoWriMo novel on it as I write it, at least somebody will get to read it (hehehe). Might be worth a look. I’ll leave the url below http://fictionwritersgroup.comtake a look, and pass the info around, good luck, Wordlyise.

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