>Long time no see

>Well, after an entirely too long hiatus, I’ve decided to come back. I was inspired by my friend Danielle, whose 63-consecutive day blogging streak continues unbroken. And it makes me feel like poo.

So I’m going to start back writing, and break my dry spell… I haven’t written a word of fiction since November 30, 2007. Not good.

So. Now I’m gonna write. And I’m gonna write here.

http://creativewritingprompts.com/ – Here’s where I’ll start to get back into the groove.


It’s dark in here. Why does it always have to be dark? I mean, I’ve always thought of myself as a good spoon. I do my job. I put up with other people’s crap. Would it kill you to brush your teeth before dinner? Just because I don’t have a nose doesn’t mean I can’t smell that halitosis.

I like it when I’m set out. The dining room is gorgeous. Love the drapes, by the way. They really offset the gold in the chandelier. Well. I guess you can call it a chandelier. You must have paid at LEAST twenty bucks for that thing, right?

So now I’m chilling out, here in the dark, wondering when someone’s going to bother to flip the damn switch. That lasagna has been on my back for days. There’s something crawling around below me, and honey, I KNOW there’s no way in but that front door, so please do something. This stinks. I’d rather have three day old cake splashed on my face than have to smell this.

I hear you out there. Laughing. Talking. Ignoring me.

I work hard for you. I sit in that dusty drawer day after day, I deal with your foul breath, and I take food to your disgustingly unclean mouth. Granted, whoever does your cooking really knows their stuff, but that’s no excuse.

Just. Turn. On. The. Dishwasher.



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