>Chapter One

>Well, I’ve read over most of the story (it’s missing about 50 pages… something I’m rather annoyed about. It’s alright, I recall what happens, but it still annoys me.), and it’s got a good, solid base, and the two main characters don’t suck.

I’ve whipped out my purple and green pens , and have marked the first page all to hell.

I think I’m going to work this chapter by chapter. There’s a lot of infodumping, so I’m going to have to streamline that a good bit, and some stuff that comes right out of a bad Mary Sue fanfic. I DID write this four years ago, after all.

It’s salvageable, and I’m getting excited about the story all over again.

My basic Plot:

An assassin seeks to slay the man who destroyed her life, only to discover more dangerous quarry awaits. She stays her hand, and they work together to defeat a common enemy. She must face her demons… not only those that haunt her soul, but those who wear flesh and blood bodies.

It’s a story of redemption and facing the past.

Cliche? Perhaps. I think it will work, though. After all, if I refused to write anything cliche, I wouldn’t so much writing at all.


2 responses to “>Chapter One

  1. >Revising is tough stuff. I think that it’s so hard to do so on the keyboard, and having that full manuscript rough draft in your hands feels SO good. A manuscript covered with editing marks feels even better, because it’s a visible sign you’re trying to improve. Thanks for the comment, bethanie!

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