>Somebody thinks I’m special


Or at least worth interviewing. Sean Lindsay, author of 101 Reasons to Stop Writing asked me for my thoughts on NaNoWriMo, since he was apparently impressed by my feat of completing the challenge in 12 days.

In other news, I’m official. I’ve verified my novel, and now stand in the proud ranks of those with purple bars. Which means I get a shiny certificate to print out on my computer. And naturally, this spiffy cool icon that shows a guy in a diaper running with a pencil.

I REALLY wish they’d get a new mascot. Pencils have erasers, which should never be used in NaNoWriMo… no editing, remember? And yes, I know they’re running shorts, but it looks like a freaking diaper. Ah well. Go me.


4 responses to “>Somebody thinks I’m special

  1. >Congratulations on winning, Heather! I think your technique is the way to do it … write as much as you can in the early stages and then coast later!I’ll need to try that next year! :DWell done again! *hugs*

  2. >copngratulations Heather! I loved your commentary on the nano logo. I got a good laugh, which I really needed. I couldn’t agree more, why the pencil and most of all why does it look like a diaper? guess NaNos are writers and not illustrators. Maybe the powers that be could consult with an illustrators group for a better logo.Wow, you really finished 50,000 words in 12 days was it?? Congrats!

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