>Repetitive Stress Injury

>I’m paying for my speed and high word count.

Last night, when I went to bed, my wrist and hand were killing me. At first, I thought it was my old nemesis, arthritis, poking me because of the downturn in temperature, but the pain was different, and seemed to be radiating up along the tendon.


I smell carpal tunnel.

I spent something close to six or seven hours at the keyboard yesterday, so I’m honestly not surprised.

The good news is, I’m in the home stretch. 38500, just 15k to go. The story sagged a bit, but I finally got over the hump, added a new character to the dynamic duo’s group (an old wizard who can’t cast spells anymore), and pushed them a few steps closer to the artifact. I got to introduce a cool new mount, getting rid of their horse in favor of this neat little cat thing that’s native to Dirge. I did discover that in spite of my plans to make Caedas short and Salissa tall, they’ve apparently switched, because now Caedas likes to tower. Dammit. I was trying to avoid that. Oh well, characters really don’t listen sometimes. I’m going to let them do what they want.

My goal for this month is to actually finish the first draft, not just hit 50k. I want an editable work for December, something to start flogging into a publishable state. And if I finish early, then I’m going to keep writing. Not sure on what, but I want to write the full 30 days.


3 responses to “>Repetitive Stress Injury

  1. >Holy smokes! Being at over 40k this early is cool. Your blog looks great. This is the first time I’ve committed to doing htis whole hog and it’s fun. Good luck!

  2. >If you’re worried abotu carpal, I highly recommend taking a RIDICULOUS amonut of B complex vitamins for the next few weeks.They help the body produce its own cortisone, which helps reduce the inflammation of the pads between the joints of your hand and finger bones.Inspiring progress with your novel. I’m still sloggin’ through at a comparatively mellow 2000 words/day.

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