>Off to a great start

>I’ve broken the 10k mark (10218), and I don’t hate my story! I haven’t even had the first drop of coffee yet, either.

Getting up for frequent breaks seems to really help. I get up, I do some laundry, I fiddle with my MP3 player, I sit down, and write some more.

I do need to work on some school work, before that falls behind. My goal for the day is 12k, then I’ll take a break.

God, I hope I can keep up this momentum. I’m sure I’ll flag a little after week one, but I want a damn good start before I do.


2 responses to “>Off to a great start

  1. >Hi, I’m also a participant from Georgia. I was wondering if there was a municiple liason for the Atlanta area. I would like to connect to other participants in my region and area. Best wishes. It looks like you’re off to a great start!

  2. >There certainly is, jessn! atlanta_ga@ is the email address at nanowrimo.org – I believe the name is Shawn, according to the contact list on the page. I do believe there is also a Georgia :: Atlanta regional forum.

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