>So much to do… and so little time left!

>I’ve got SO much to do for this year’s NaNo. I’m putting together some fun stuff with my co-ML for our NaNoWriMo group. I hope everyone likes what we’ve got planned. I promise it’ll be pretty neat!

And I STILL don’t have a plot. I’ve got a plot bunny or two tickling my ear with their furry little whiskers, but honestly, nothing is really clicking. I need to do some brainstorming sessions, but to be honest, it’s been so long since I HAD a brainstorming session, I’m not quite sure what to do.

I’m so out of practice. This blog is going to be the spark that lights the fire under my arse, again. I hope. I really want to do this thing professionally, and this year’s NaNo is going to be the turning point. Anyone who wants to be a professional writer must learn to write every day, and that’s definitely the key to winning NaNo– writing every day. Or at least writing enough most days that missing a day or two doesn’t hurt you.

Here’s to hoping.

Also, please take note of the new URL for my blog. Well, obviously, you know if you’re here, but hey, I feel that I need to denote the difference. It’s http://writing-dragon.blogspot.com


One response to “>So much to do… and so little time left!

  1. >Ack, good luck with those bunnies! They came to me a few days ago, gave me the beginning and the ending, but left the middle quite empty. Then they ran off to greener pastures… ^_^ Dang bunnies!

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